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Our services
Our services
Marketing & Strategy

Communications strategy, stakeholder engagement plan, or marketing plan (planning, facilitation & development)


Development of custom-built UAVs (fixed wing/multirotor) with specific payloads for atmospheric research


Development of powerful branding and organizational identity, strong online and offline presence


Atmospheric properties profiling, aerial work with customer payloads, aerial photography and video, photogrammetry, 3D mapping, surveying, and inspections.

Communication tools

Graphical design, communications material, websites, social media, videos, copywriting, science writing, press releases

consulting services

Equipment consulting, pilot training, temporary dangerous area applications, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), high altitude flights, and more.

About us
About us

Yugen oy is a company based in Helsinki, Finland, supplying its services and products also abroad.

We offer a broad spectrum of innovative communications and technical solutions, especially focusing on cutting-edge science communication and UAV development for research.


Contact us for collaboration opportunities. We can work with you on projects of different types and scales and turn them into success.

Why Yugen?

Yugen (幽玄) is an important concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics. Yugen values the power to evoke, rather than the ability to state directly. The principle of Yugen shows that real beauty exists when only a few words or few brush strokes can suggest what has not been said or shown, and hence waken many inner thoughts and feelings. 

We at YUGEN love creativity. We believe things do not necessarily need to be done by a book or be obvious to become masterpieces. We want to offer solutions that are unexpected yet innovative. We make it our mission to bring you results that uncover your real potential.

Magdalena Brus
Co-founder / Communications Lead

Magdalena has ten years-long work experience in science communications. She is passionate about everything that has to do with PR and strategic outreach activities.


She thinks big, and thanks to her postgraduate diploma in corporate communications, she knows the right strategy to achieve the goals she sets.

Magdalena has led or contributed to communications of several European research and innovation projects. 

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David Brus
Co-founder / R&D Lead

David holds a Ph.D. and has over twenty years long experience working in research and development.


He started building custom UAVs and specific payloads for atmospheric research in 2015. He joined numerous research campaigns and operated UAVs both in high altitudes and mountain canyons, and in extreme conditions behind the Arctic Circle.


David is an enthusiastic drone pilot with a passion for long-range FPV and BVLOS operations. He can find a solution to any technical challenge.

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Lattamiehentie 3
01260, Vantaa, Finland

Tel: +358 504154 762​

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